Contracts 101

$99.00 USD


In this course on contracts, we’ll be diving into the nitty gritty covering the types of contracts you need to know about, the totally un-confusing clauses you may encounter, and the hot terms you should memorize.

Fundamentals of Copyright

$99.00 USD


Check out this awesome copyright primer!  In this course, we cover what copyright is, what registration covers, some tips for registration, and what to do if your work is copied.

Terms and Privacy Primer

$99.00 USD


Ever wonder when you need a privacy policy or terms and conditions?   In this course, we explain some of the most common privacy laws, what you need in your privacy policy, how to create one and what to include in your terms and conditions. 

Business Formation Basics

$99.00 USD


We’ll look at the different types of businesses you can create, the questions you need to consider when choosing a business structure, the steps to form an LLC or a corporation, and talk about what happens after you form your business.

Fundamentals of Trademarks

$99.00 USD


Not sure what a trademark is or why you need one?   This course will teach you what a trademark is, how to evaluate whether your trademark may be eligible for trademark registration and the benefits of registration, how to perform preliminary research, and how to spot trademark infringement.