Contract Essentials

Know when you need a contract, what type, hot terms, and common clauses


Contract Essentials

Know when you need a contract, what type, hot terms, and common clauses


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If you’re like most business owners, even the mere mention of creating, reviewing, or sending a contract can feel intimidating , overwhelming and something you'd rather not deal with at all.  

The thing is, contracts are critical when it comes to managing and growing your business, and keeping yourself well protected should there be any confusion or conflict around your work. Breathe easy babe, we’ve got you. Our mini-course on Contract Essentials provides you with the need-to-know basics so you can run your business with more ease and breeze by any obstacles. 

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What you'll learn

  • How to know if you have formed a contract or if/when you need one
  • Common types of contracts
  • Common contract clauses

What's inside

  • One, easy-to-follow, short video training from Jamie 
  • A super handy 3-page downloadable info sheet

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Thorough, well-written contracts will protect both the buyer and the seller—making them a key component of smart, empowered, and professional business management.

Concerned that a contract will turn off a potential client? The truth is, if someone scoffs at a well-worded, fair contract then you’ve been handed a gift. The gift of knowing that they would have likely been difficult or unpleasant to work with. All savvy business owners know contracts are important for all parties involved. 

Know if you’re ready to create contracts yourself or need to seek legal advice, by taking our (un)complicated Contract Essentials mini-course today.

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