Efficient, Affordable

Legal Courses for Busy Entrepreneurs

Efficient, Affordable

Legal Courses
for Busy

Choose your own (legAL)venture with the (un)business school—featuring online business courses for the ever important legal parts of running a business.

Our courses are designed for savvy entrepreneurs who want to understand legal basics and take control of their business, so they can save time and money and understand when they actually need to hire a lawyer. 

It’s super easy too. Simply...

Choose the course(s)
that will be most helpful
right now
Gain instant access
to the online videos and
associated downloads
Spend 15-20 minutes 
working through 
the course(s)

It’s super easy too. Simply...

Choose the course(s) that will be most helpful right now
Gain instant access to the online videos and associated downloads
Spend 15-20 minutes working through the course(s)

BOOM. That's it!

(We’ll be here if you have any questions, of course.)

Also—and this is total Girl Scout’s honor—you have our word that we won’t include any added fluff, upsells, or try to get you to join other courses, programs, or groups. You get what you get with each course, on your own terms. No twists!

Who Are these A La Carte Courses For?

 If you’re busy... 

Each mini course video is only 15-20 minutes long

Pick and choose the courses you need today

Learn at your own pace, no scheduled meetings required


 If you’re budget-conscious

Spend only $99 on each course(s) you'd like

Avoid extraneous legal consulting or retainer fees

Get only value-added info. - no fluff or upsells, guaranteed

 If you’re over it...

Avoid boring, dry legal jargon

Get concise, downloadable resources you can re-use anytime

Grow your biz faster and more efficiently


Here's what we've got going on

Reading, writing, and working with contracts can be a total breeze—we promise.

Learn More

Not sure what copyright is, how it works, or if you really need one? We got you.

Learn More

Don’t skip collecting more information correctly & accurately. We’ll show you how.

Learn More

Need to set up an LLC, Corp, or DBA? Learn how to incorporate and protect yourself.

Learn More

Yes, trademarks are like copyrights, but they’re not exactly the same. Get the goods.

Learn More

Who’s Behind the (un)business school?

Hey There, I’m Jamie Lieberman- founder of Hashtag Legal, a law firm for the digital world.

I’ve built this firm to tackle legal issues that can feel overwhelming to business owners and entrepreneurs, no matter what stage of growth you’re in.

 Over the course of nearly 15 years I’ve worked with thousands of awesome, “out of the box,” and creative clients—in the areas of design, intellectual property, technology, graphic design and art, course creation and coaching, website and app development, and those within the influencer space.

Through it all, I’ve come to learn that not everyone needs or is ready to hire a lawyer for legal consulting. Sometimes, you just need concise information in a DIY structure to get your questions answered fast and get you on your way.

Personally, I understand the fears and hesitations that keep you up at night. I know the excitement of being a leader and the exhaustion of trying to create while properly executing all of the necessities that managing a successful and growing business brings – especially when it comes to the legal waters.

The (un)business school is designed to provide you with essential knowledge in simple, digestible pieces, so you can access what you need without spending heaps of unnecessary time and money on learning the lingo or getting the legal info. you need.

Got questions? I’ve got answers. Feel free to reach out anytime.
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